The use of sparkling water

If you have installed a soda tap in your home, it is indeed a smart move. Not only is soda water a welcome addition to any kitchen, it is in fact a number of other uses as well. It can be used for drinking purposes and is a great way of keeping fit and healthy because it doesn’t contain any empty calories. You can have it with your meals to make it easy to digest. On the other hand it can be used for other purposes besides drinking as well.

Uses of soda tap water for cooking

The following are a few ways in which you can substitute sparkling water other ingredients in the food.

  • Everybody wants the pancakes to come out all fluffy and delightful. However it is not always the case. Despite being careful while beating and cooking the pancakes might not be as fluffy as you like. Substituting milk with sparkling water is one way of ensuring that the pancakes are fluffier than expected.
  • This can also be used to make crepes. Whether you are making a sweet or savory ones, these are a certain favorite. To ensure that the crepe is better and lighter make sure you add some seltzer water to it.
  • It is also used in the waffle batter. Just swipe soda water instead of milk and you would get fluffy  waffles on the inside and crispy on the outside. This is exactly the way waffle should be eaten. So why not make use of this magic ingredient in your kitchen and add a zing to your cooking methods.
  • It can even help you make delicious scrambled eggs. While milk or heavy cream will definitely add flavor to those eggs, it can add the calories as well. However if you do not want to compromise on the taste of the scrambled eggs, simply substitute cream or make for seltzer water. You would be amazed to see the fluffy texture of the scrambled eggs and how light this turn out to be with a distinctive flavor.
  • It can even be added to your cakes to make sure that these do not dry out. It also helps give the cake a lighted texture and prevents it from becoming flat.
  • Seltzer water can also be added to your smoothies. Using milk or regular water or even almond milk can get boring after a while. The same taste day after day it makes you feel tired of having a smoothie. On the other hand adding seltzer water then definitely step up the smoothie game.
  • Also if you boil your vegetables in sparkling water you can cut down on the cooking time by almost half. So the next time you are getting late for an appointment but want to throw the vegetables on the stove, try boiling them in carbonated water. The veggies would boil faster and would be able to retain the color better too.

Make sure to keep these cooking tips in mind to make the most of your soda tap.