Simple steps for keeping your awnings clean

It is common to see a patch of mold on an awning. This is usually due to the fact people roll their wet awnings instead of leaving them out to dry. However if you do see mold on your earnings you shouldn’t have to worry a great deal. All you need to do is give it a proper cleaning and it is as good as new. The best thing about awnings are that these are generally made to be more resistant. However if you do forget your awnings out in the rain and then roll them up afterwards you may need to give it a thorough cleaning.

The following are a few simple steps which would allow you to clean your awnings the proper way:

How to clean caravan awnings

  • The first step towards the evening is to open your owning and lower it down as much as possible. If it is not low enough for you to clean it properly you might need to use a stool or a ladder. Keep in mind that just using a brush from the ground would not  suffice. You need to be standing at a level where you can see the dirt on the top of the owning and make sure that you are able to get rid of all of it.
  • Get a long brush. This would allow you to clean the awnings with ease. Spring onions with a cleaning solution. you can get your hands on a stroll what solution which would not only helped get rid of the dirt but would also prevent the mold and mildew from growing on the awning.
  • Choose a cleaning solution which is not too harsh and at the same time provide conditioning for the awning fabric. while buying the cleaning solution do ensure that it is designed specifically for cleaning the Caravan awnings. It is best to avoid solutions which are oil based or contain caustic or abrasive elements.
  • If you are not too keen about store-bought solutions you can even prepare one at home with the help of water and dish soap. You can also add bleach to the cleaning solution however you should ensure that the bleach is for colored fabrics as well otherwise you may end up losing the brightness of the awnings.
  • If your awnings are covered in tree sap it can be difficult to get rid of this substance. Especially so if the owners are made from acrylic fiber. Sometimes a regular cleaning solution won’t suffice. You may try using isopropyl alcohol which is highly recommended by experienced RV users. You can also make use of turpentine horse certain formulas which are designed specifically for getting rid of tough stains.
  • Before you use a cleaning solution on the awnings it is best to give it a thorough brushing so that you can get rid of all the debris like that leaves or dust which might have formed on it.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you clean your awnings and make them look as good as new.