Better Insulation with Acrylic Retrofit Double Glazing Melbourne

In Melbourne, improving the thermal efficiency of your property to reduce energy costs is achieved with acrylic retrofit double glazing Melbourne. The way to achieve this is to retrofit acrylic secondary glazing panels to the existing joinery of your windows.

Retrofit double-glazing windows of your property provide multiple benefits, to include:

Reduce the loss of heat

Retrofit glazed windows work both ways to reduce the loss of heat effectively during the winter and summer season. The heat produced by scorching hot days is prevented from entering a comfortably cooled home with the double-glazed windows. Alternatively, the warm air from the room is prevented from escaping by the double-glazed windows.

This double action provided by retrofitting double glazing on your windows drastically cuts down energy costs efficiently during cold and hot climates.

Lowered condensation levels

The amount of condensation on your windows is significantly reduced with retrofitted secondary double glazing. This action prevents mould growth, thereby protecting you and your family’s health. A drier and warmer home is the ultimate benefit gained when condensation of the windows is minimised during colder seasons.

Enhanced insulation

Up to 54% of heat loss reduction is achieved by retrofitted glazed windows. This is because of the insulating layer that traps the still air between the retrofitted double-glazed panel and glass. Simply put, the two surfaces trapping the still air between them serves as the insulator.

Quieter home

Double glaze retrofitted to the existing windows of your home provides acoustic benefits. Noise is reduced with the insulation baffle created by maximising the air space between the acrylic double glazing and pane of glass. The muted and reduced amount of sound transmitted through the double-paned glass provides a quieter environment inside the home.

Custom style to match the joinery of your windows

The wide range of colour custom style of the retrofit glazed windows ensures a seamless finish to the existing joinery of your windows. This means that the colour of the existing joinery of your windows will be perfectly matched by the retrofit glazing.

The addition of the double glazing does not have to change your windows; it will only be added in an almost invisible finish. The natural look of your window frames can even be implemented with a timber grain retrofitted glazed window.

UV protection

The acrylic secondary double-glazing provides sun block protection for your windows as well. It is because of the acrylic’s UV inhibitors’ optical grade can block up to 80% UV radiation. The ability of standard glazing glass to block only 30% of the sun’s radiation pales in comparison to that of having your windows retrofitted with acrylic double glazing.

Energy costs savings

Installing acrylic secondary double-glazing on the windows creates an energy-efficient home. The installation of double-glazed windows starts to pay off as you begin saving more on your power bills. Savings up to 20% on energy consumption has been seen as the result of having double-glazing installed on windows of homes.

The home’s comfort is considerably improved when double-glazing is retrofitted to its existing windows. We are ready to answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect acrylic retrofit double glazing style and colour for your windows. Contact us at Maven Double Glazing to learn more.